Saturday, December 1, 2018

I am going to take a break from updating this blog.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Courrier International - In Print

This month, I was very pleased to have my work featured and interview for the French publication Courrier International. Check it out here!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

For The New York Times

 Mike Wood of Su Salmon Co. 
 A newly painted smoke house at Su Salmon Co. 
 Su Salmon Co. 
 Israel Payton, Ethan Ioli, Mike Wood, Molly Wood and Aden Wilcox of Su Salmon Co. 
 Aden Wilcox of Su Salmon Co getting ready to go fishing.
 Ethan Ioli and Aden Wilcox of Su Salmon Co.
 Chief Fisheries Scientist for salmon of the Division of Commercial Fisheries Bill Templin.
 Manager of the Bear Tooth restaurant, Steph Johnson.
A salmon dish at Bear Tooth restaurant. 
© 2018 Brian Adams

A story I shot for The New York Times earlier this month went live today. The story is about the decline in Red Salmon in Alaska. Go check out the story here!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Alaska to Canada

 Shingle Point, Canada. 
 Danny, Marcus, John and Donald in Kaktovik, Alaska.
Bruce and Tori's dog Coco jumping for his ball in Kaktovik, Alaska.
© 2018 Brian Adams 

In 2013, I was in Kaktovik, Alaska photographing for ASNA and I met Bruce Inglangasak. Bruce is a polar bear tour guide in Kaktovik and he took me out to see the polar bears. Later on, I learned that twice a year Bruce visits his relatives in Aklavik, Canada where he was born. He makes the journey along the coast twice a year, by boat in the summer and snow machine in the winter. When I heard this, right away I knew I wanted to document his journey and it also sounded like the perfect way to begin my new body of work on circumpolar Inuit. I have been documenting Inuit in Alaska for 13 years now and am excited to meet and learn about our family across the boarders. 

When I landed in Kaktovik, we had a few days before departing for Canada, because the sea ice needed to move back from the shoreline. While we waited, it gave me a good amount of time to get to know Bruce and his family better and kaktovik. I can't express how much I love and care about Bruce and his family in Alaska and Canada, I cant wait to share the work! But for now, here are a few photos I made while waiting (with exception of the first photo, that was taken at Shingle Point in Canada). More soon. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

© 2018 Brian Adams

Summer nights.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Drive North

 Parks Highway 
 Ric of Alaskan Photographic Repair and Service
 Hood ornament of Texas Dave
 Texas Dave
 Downtown Fairbanks
 Doc in front of his home in Willow, AK
 Wasilla, AK
 Mile 173
Healy, AK
© 2018 Brian Adams 

Last week, I drove up to Fairbanks to have the focus my new/old Mamiya 6 recalibrated at Alaskan Camera Repair and Service. Ric at the shop had it recalibrated in minutes, he's the best. I drove up on Tuesday and returned Wednesday, so it was a quick trip. But I made a few photos I was happy with. The morning I woke up in my car, I was feeling inspired by Eggleston and decided to shoot the rest of the trip under the same discipline he used, one shot per subject. It was a fun exercise and it made it extra fun to pick up the film and see what I got. Hoping to do a couple more drives like that, this summer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

© 2018 Brian Adams

Skateboarding on a rainy day.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Cordova Film

© 2018 Brian Adams 

Last week, I got to spend a few days in Cordova, Alaska shooting for Recover Alaska. It was a beautiful trip and I got to spend time with a lot of wonderful people. One of those wonderful people was my friend Eric Carpenter (pictured above). Eric and I grew up skateboarding together in Anchorage and it was the first time in years, that we got to sit down and catch up with a cup of coffee. Eric has been commercial fishing out of Cordova and just bought a new boat in October. So happy to see people I care about, doing what they love in Alaska. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

© 2018 Brian Adams

A year ago today, I spent Memorial Day in Kivalina photographing for the tech school in Kotzebue. There’s a beautiful tradition there (and in many villages) where they spend the day at the cemetery cleaning up the sites of loved ones, replace the flowers and have a picnic on site. It was my first time being apart of this and gave Memorial Day a whole new added meaning to the day for me. Thanks Kivalina and happy Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

 George Gee
© 2018 Brian Adams

Here's a couple recent scans from this weeks film. I am working on a few new projects and one of them has been getting me out around my hometown. I have missed wondering around Anchorage, it's been really wonderful to look at my home again with the intention of finding a photograph.