Monday, November 9, 2009

levi johnston - the guardian

A few weeks ago, my good friend Ed Pilkington from London's The Guardian came to Anchorage to interview Bristol Palin's baby's daddy, Levi Johnston. We met with Levi at his lawyers' office in Anchorage, and the interview was fairly short. Photographically, I was stumped. I like to keep things as simple as possible, and the location of the office wasn't offering that. But I did love the weather we were having, and Ashley was able to get the owner of building to let us photograph on the roof with the wonderful sky. So that was shot one. Shot two was of Levi in the truck he had bought for Bristol but then kept for himself.
Altogether, it was a pleasant shoot. Levi was very cooperative and polite, his lawyer and publicist were helpful fun guys, and, of course, it's always fun to work with Ed and Ashley.

Above are two outtakes from the shoot and a tearsheet from The Guardian that ran on November 2.

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