Thursday, May 22, 2014

Southeast For The Alaska Marine Highway System

 From the Ketchikan carnival.
From the Ketchikan carnival.
 An amazing hike in Ketchikan.
 All aboard the Matanuska! 

 The Canon 5d Mark III and Ash's 24mm, she let me borrow (thanks love) for the trip, so far it has been my set up of choice on this assignment. 
 Engine crew of the Matanuska! 
 Me. By a photo friend I made on the ship. He reminded me of my good friend Loren Holmes. So we stuck together for a bit. 

Above, are a few iPhone pics taken on my Marine Hwy adventure. I have just arrived in Haines and will be spending the next couple days here. The trip has been wonderful so far, the first couple days were rainy and frustrating, but now that it has cleared up, things are moving smoothly and non stop. I mean non stop. Canon fast, not iPhone fast, so there has been little time to get pics for social media purposes, but I will keep you posted with what I get! I also wanted to say thanks to the team at Bradley Reid and all the help and support I have received from everyone at the Marine Hwy. Thanks all! More soon!

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