Saturday, August 3, 2013

Up North - Day 2

© 2013 Brian Adams

Day two of being up north started with waking up at 6am to see if I could get on the early flight out to Wainwright, AK, just a stone's throw away from Barrow. The flight was full, so I photographed around Barrow for the rest of the AM and departed Barrow around 12:30pm.

I have to say I love Wainwright. As soon as I got off the plane, I was drawn to the shoreline where I was surprised to see men working on building a sea wall exactly like the ones I have covered in Kivalina and Shishmaref. Coastal erosion in Alaska is happening so fast, I can't even begin to keep up with it. Above are the only two iPhone photos I took for the day because I was spending so much time using the cameras in the bottom photo! It was a great inspiring day of shooting and I am truly looking forward to the next three days of shooting in the region!

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