Monday, October 8, 2012

Film Is In!

 Poet Joan Kane
 Berry Picking with the Avellaneda's
 Olympic Skier Kikkan Randall
 Olympic Skier Kikkan Randall with her World Cup
 Eklutna Lake, Alaska
  Eklutna Lake, Alaska
 Laura and Bonnie are the midwives at ANMC that helped Elliott North arrive into this world. Laura, on the left, was Ash's prenatal caregiver, and Bonnie, on the right, was the midwife who delivered Elliott and helped us have the best labor and delivery ever. We will always have the best feelings toward these two women.
 My brother Roland and my mom on her birthday at Eklutna Lake. 
 Eagle River, Alaska.
Eagle River, Alaska.
All Photos © 2012 Brian Adams

It has been a busy month! Above are some photos I shot in and around Anchorage, between mid-September up until last week! Ash and I both have been working non-stop on many different projects; you can see some of our recent work here. Things aren't slowing down, so stay tuned!

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