Thursday, December 17, 2009

new york

As I said before, New York was amazing. Ashley and I had a wonderful week playing tourists. A few of the fun things we had the chance to do were: visit the MoMa, walk through central park, attend the Dry Ice opening at the Alaska House Gallery, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, walk the Manhattan Bridge, take a train up the Hudson, eat at Prune, Katz's (from When Harry Met Sally) and Tom's, the Seinfeld restaurant.
I didn't shoot very much, but I think that was the point of taking a vacation. So, I hope you enjoy the few photos that I did take. The highlights of the trip for me were: walking in central park for hours with Ash, eating with Ash at Prune, and staying with our friend Brad Dececco in Brooklyn. Brad is a freelance photographer based out of Brooklyn, and his work can be found here.

Also, I would like to thank our good friends Mark, Ann, Dean, and Chris Grunder for letting us sleep in their homes.

Happy holidays.

For a more thorough look on our trip look here

I will add more photos to this post as film is developed.

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