Thursday, April 16, 2009

pop-sad story

kris swanson
david north
david north
slides taken to be transfered to skateboards.

So I purchased the skateboards, film/developing, polaroids, batteries for the polaroid day lab I am barrowing from Clark to make a couple peices for the POP art show here in Anchorage. They were due to the gallery by 7pm tonight and the film wasn't ready until five. After I picked up the film, batteries and skateboards. It was 6pm and I new I could transfer the photos to the skateboards and drop them off. The plan was running smoothly until I got home and put the batteries in the day lab and tried to turn it on. Nothing. And I don't know anybody else in town with a polaroid day lab so I am bummed. I was really looking forward to being in this show. I still can't wait to go check it out tomorrow! Here are the photos I was going to have on the skateboards. If I ever get them on there I will be sure to let you know. :)


chachacha said...

awwww - good shots too. would have been nice in the show. super good seeing you the other night though. it's been 4 months!

brian adams said...

4 months is way to long lang. It was soo good to see you too. We should go for a drive this week.