Monday, April 27, 2009

homer with phillips.

evan phillips
evan phillips
Susannah Numme
susannah numme
turnagain arm.
on the way home

This last weekend I went to Homer, Ak with my bro Even Phillips. Even has a solo show in Homer on Monday. It was my first road trip of the summer and it reminded me of all the reasons I love about living in Alaska. Good people, music, food, local brew, mountains, coffee and photography just to name a few.
Even and I left on Saturday afternoon and rolled into Homer around 8pm. After we made it too Susannah Numme's house Even decided he could use a nap. I was still rock'n and a rolling so Susannah and I went for a walk and got the photo above. Later in the evening Susannah made us a wonderful vegetable lasagna for dinner. After dinner we all went out and enjoyed some of Homers night life, consisting of local brews and music. I have never seen anybody rock so hard on a banjo before. It was amazing.
The next day we woke up late, had some breakfast and got some coffee and K-bay coffee. By this time I was saying my goodbyes and getting ready to go walk on the beach and roll around the skateboard park for a little bit before I hit the road back for Anchorage. The beach was so windy I didn't last long. So I hit the skate park then the road. All together the quick trip was wonderful. I got to meet some wonderful new people and see some of my favorite parts of Alaska.
I would like to say thanks to Even for getting me out of town for a bit and letting me scratch my photo itch. Also I would like to thank Susannah for taking care of us and showing us such great hospitality.
Perfect start to the summer!

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