Monday, March 9, 2009



This year I photographed the Iditarod start in both Anchorage and Willow. Since I wasn't shooting for anybody in particular this year, I decided to shoot all medium format. Having no pressure of a client wanting you to get the specific shot was wonderful. I just wondered around aimlessly trying to get a feel for the event and tried to mainly just capture the spectator.
I will be dropping off the eight rolls at Kellers here shortly. Wish me luck! Its was two long days for shooting, I hope we get something!


robert said...

fingers crossed. I know the feeling well.

avs said...

here is what is funny. My fun robert is in town visiting and he must have used my computer. Oops. That was from me.

brian adams said...

the lab just called me and said the film is ready! wish me luck. :)
LOL thanks avs