Friday, October 24, 2008

e and b
Emily & B
p and e
Pamela & Emily
Carolyn in NY
Jonathan in NY
Daniel And Emily
Emily & Daniel

I recently took a trip to New York to photograph The games of the North event at The Alaska House Art Gallery. There was a group of Alaska's that all went and all key to making the event a success. The group included Carolyn, Jonathan, Pamela, Steve, Philip, Eric B, Tracy M, myself and many many more. It was such a good group to travel and work with. Carolyn did an amazing job putting it together and keeping us all on track. Jonathan's film was beautiful. Steve and Philips singing was wonderful. They all did a wonderful job representing Alaska. yay.

Pamela and I stayed with our good friend Emily in Brooklyn. We had a wonderful time after the event shopping and picture taking. Emily took care of us. She showed us how to get around and took us to her favorite places to shop and eat. Sweet heart she is. :)

The day after the event I had meetings and shoots all day. I was finally able to meet in person all the people I have been working with over the summer. So my thanks to Kelly at Rapport, James and Michelle at Newsweek and Butch at Getty.

Altogether I believe the trip was a success and I can't wait to go back to that wonderful city.

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