Wednesday, July 31, 2013


© 2013 Brian Adams

Last Monday at 5:45 AM, I received a call from photo editor Sue Lapsien from the German publication Stern. Sue informed me that the Royal baby was on his way! I groggily started calling birthing centers and hospitals checking to see if any women had given birth that night and willing to have their photo taken with their newborn baby. The concept of the story was to photograph new born babies all over the world that were born on the same day as the Royal baby, July 22. What made this difficult was the 8 hour time difference between Alaska and Germany, where the magazine is published and going to print at the end of the day. The absolute deadline I was given was 10:30 AM Alaska time. Thanks to The Alaska Native Medical Center and the help of many friends, I was set up and photographing the beautiful new family (Lynsey, Micah and baby Jaxx) at 10:15 AM. I had the photos edited and emailed to Sue shortly after. I am so happy to have been apart of this fun story and am very thankful to everyone that made it happen!

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