Monday, June 18, 2012

ERA Aviation - Bethel, Alaska

© 2012 Brian Adams 

Late last week, I had the pleasure of photographing for not one but two new clients, North West Strategies and Era Aviation. Over the last six years of freelancing in Alaska, I have always wanted to photograph for these two, and I'm happy to have finally had the chance. Thanks NWS and Era!

A small team including Amber of NWS, Micah of Era, and myself took off from Anchorage early Friday morning for Bethel, Alaska. Our goal was to showcase the unique frequent flyers of Era and their stories. In Alaska, because the road system is so limited, you can only fly in and out of many of the towns and villages. I believe many of Era's travelers use a plane the way those of us on the road system would view using a car. One example above is the boy going to a basket ball game in a competing village. Basketball teams in rural Alaska can't simply hop on a bus and drive to the competing city. That's where airlines like Era come in! Alaskans can't live without them.

I had a wonderful experience working with NWS and Era, and as a frequent Era passenger, I especially love this project.

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