Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Carry On: Imacon 343

2006. Photographer Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz
2010. Shishmaref, Alaska
© Brian Adams

Ok, I know the Imacon Flextight 343 isn't something I can Carry On a plane. Or really carry anywhere. I actually don't even own the machine. But, that said, I love it and thought it was worthy of a Carry On.

The scanner is on loan to me from my favorite local film lab, Kellers Custom Photo Lab. Kellers has been taking care of me for years, and I never realized they had an Imacon. In fact, the other day, I was just telling Ash that I wish I had access to a Imacon, and that maybe I should see if I could possibly do some sort of promotion in order to get Kellers sponsored for one. Then a few days later, thanks to Kellers, there was one on my desk. They already had one and they let me take it home! I must say: this is the most fun I have had behind a computer in a long time.

The Imacon is a simple machine that produces the most beautifully detailed scans I have ever seen. The only catch with the 343 is the dust, which I'm not sure is rectified in any of the newer models. The digital ice is not the best; even if you blast your film with a whole can of Dust Off, there is still going to be plenty of post work that's needed. I am not complaining, though, at all; using the Imacon is so worth it. In a state like Alaska where coming across tools like this is rare, this was a welcome surprise this week, and I've loved the scans I've made with it. Thanks so, so much, Kellers!

The photos above were test scans I made yesterday. Looks good to me! Carry On!

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