Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Carry On: Hasselblad Pro Shade

2009. Marian Call
2008. Obama Rally

All Photos © Brian Adams

Whoever thought a lens shade would be fun or inspiring? I didn't, at least not until I saw a photo on flickr of a photographer using a Hasselblad with a big bellows attached to the lens. I was intrigued, so I bought one. And I loved it.

My Hasselblad Pro Shade is made to fit all the Hasselblad CF lenses with the exception of two, the 30mm fisheye and the 300mm telephoto lens. Because the Pro Shade fits all of the lenses but two, that means you only ever have to buy one shade, which saves you lots of cheddar in the long run. The Hasselblad is designed with a simple bayonet mounting system, which enables you to simply quarter-turn the Pro Shade onto the lens barrel, making it easy to mount and unmount the shade onto lenses quickly.

One of my favorite things about the Pro Shade is that you can unhinge the bellows and slide in gels or filters. Pictured above are two photos I took using a gradual ND filter, which allows me to expose for the foreground without overexposing the sky. So whatever you may have thought in the past, take note: this lens shade isn't boring or uninspiring. Carry it On, photogs.

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