Friday, January 13, 2012

The Jack River Kings

2012 © Brian Adams

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing The Jack River Kings for the second time. I met with the band at a coffee shop about an hour before the shoot. We knew we wanted to photograph outside in the amazing snow we were having that day, but, other than that, we didn't know where to begin. After talking about it over a cup of coffee, I found myself thinking about one of the Frozen Ground film locations, the Campbell Airstrip. While we were filming the moving, it had surprised me that such a location was in the middle of Anchorage; it's essentially an airstrip that hasn't been used since the 60's but one that makes for a great Alaskan backdrop in the middle of Alaska's largest city. During the filming of the movie, the gates to the airstrip were open and we were able to drive in with all the gear and crew. Now the gates are closed (we didn't know this driving there) and The Jack River Kings and I had a half-mile walk in the snow to the location. I really felt for the band's drummer' Patrick, who was wearing Chucks and trudging through the deep snow. Based off of the photos above, however, I think it was all worth it!

This was the third band shoot I have had in the past month, and I love it. I love photographing Anchorage's wonderful music scene, and I love the friendships that have come with it. Rock on, A-town. Rock on!

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