Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Made A Snoot Today

With Snoot
Without Snoot
© 2011 Brian Adams

After a full weekend of photoshoots, I had some downtime today and decided to make a snoot for my Vivitar 283 flash (it's amazing what you can do with some cardboard and gaffers tape). Beyond being a funny word, a snoot is a long tube that connects to the front of your flash to narrow your flash's burst radius, which has the effect of giving your light a spotlight kind-of-look. Above you can see the difference between shooting with the snoot versus without. Pretty cool, eh? I am looking forward to playing with it on some upcoming portrait sessions!


brian adams said...

PS. It should be noted that after we posted this, Ash and I had a good laugh. If you just look at the photos, you might think that the post should read something like:
I made a snoot today.
Now, I can kill myself.
We both had to pee after laughing about it. Haha.

clark said...

leaving the comedy of the name aside -- what a great low-tech solution. can imagine lots of applications for it.

brian adams said...

Exactly Clark! Love it. Thanks!