Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Carry On: My Wife

Matt and Agnes Hage, an amazing Alaskan photography team.
© 2011 Brian Adams

First of all, I am sorry that I wasn't able post a Carry On last week. It was a crazy week, and there are a lot of changes ahead of us. More on that soon!

This Carry On is special to me because it's about my wife, Ash Adams. The love of my life, my jam, my rock, and my photographic partner. From day one, Ash and I have been working on projects together. (Many of them can be found here.) Everytime Ash accompanies me on a shoot, I feel more confident. Not only is Ash a writer, but she has a pretty extensive educational background in photography, so when I need extra help photographing or getting the light just right on a subject, she knows what to do. The photos above were lit by Ash; we have worked together so many times that she always knows where and when I want my light. We often find ourselves in situations where we can't set up a light stand, and having her there to adjust the flash's power and angle makes my life so much easier. What's more, Ash has the amazing ability to calm a nervous subject. She never looses her cool and is great at making conversation. Any photographer reading this knows there is nothing worse than a portrait session with awkward silence, so although you can't have my Ash, find someone like Ash and carry her on.

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