Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Carry On: Westcott Reflector

Photo by Marian Call
© 2011 Brian Adams

In life, we often forget the imporance of little things, but in photography, it's usually the little things that help get us through the day. When I bought my Westcott reflector, I bought it because I thought it was something that portrait photographers are required to have. I had no idea how much I would use it over the years or how much I would love using it.

Pictured above is my Westcott Illuminator Gold/White Reflector. The reflector is a modest 20x20 inches, but it is perfect for a single portrait. Not only do I use my reflector to create fill light for portraits, but I use it for white balancing my camera and controlling the sunlight on my subject. The photograph above is an example of this; my assistant (one of Sarah Palin's right-hand men) held the reflector in the path of the sunlight so that I could control the light that was falling on her face. A lot of photographers I know bring black foamboard on shoots to block out the sunlight, but I like to have something that can be packed and set up easily. At a reasonable price of $25.45, it's worth the investment. Carry on folks!

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