Monday, May 9, 2011

Carry On: Hasselblad CF 50mm Distagon F4 Lens

© 2011 Brian Adams

Hasselblad and Zeiss--what else do I need to say. You can't go wrong when you're toting the finest Swedish-made cameras with the best German-made optics.

The Hasselblad CF 50mm Distagon F4 lens was introduced in 1982, replacing the C lens line. At F4, the CF 50mm is not the fastest lens out there, but because I normally use it for portraits, F4 is fine. The 50mm on a medium-format camera is equivalent to a 28mm lens on a 35mm camera. One of my favorite things about the lens is that it can focus as close as 19 in. At 1 lb 12 oz, it gets a little heavy after a full day of photographing, but the images produced with it make it worth the extra weight. My CF 50mm was made in 1984, (A year before I was born!), which makes it 27 years old. I am hoping to be carrying it on for at least another 30!

If you're interested in seeing the newer version of the CF 50mm Distagon F4, check it out here.

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