Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carry On: Chimera Softbox

© Brian Adams

When you're first starting out as a photographer, finding a good softbox is harder than you think. When I assisted photographers, I was sometimes amazed with their sad choices in lighting equipment. To me, it's not only about having a good softbox, it's about having a softbox that can be assembled in less than a minute and taken down just as fast to move on to the next set. It's about having a system that is easy to control, high-quality, versatile, light, and smart. I understand a lot of photographers reading this may think that "it's not about the equipment," but then think about how many photos you may have missed because you were too busy trying to get your light right.

I normally only photograph one to two people at a time, so for me, the Chimera Super Pro Plus Softbox is the way to go. The Super Pro Plus measures at 24x32 inches, which is perfect for a standard portrait. That being said, I have used it with groups as big as ten and just pulled back and cranked up the flash. I have found with Chimera you can get a speedring for pretty much any strobe/flash out there. Not only that, you can attach the speedring to any type of light stand or tripod you like. Because I mostly shoot on location and the ground is always iffy, I usually attach the softbox/speedring to a tripod for best security against uneven ground and, more importantly, wind! Lastly, one of my favorite details about the Super Pro Plus softbox is the three-inch-deep lip around the front, which makes the light fall-off incredibly easy to control. Remember: photography is all about light (or the absence of)! Carry On, friends!


Wayde said...

That's awesome Brian! Glad to see the published product. Scotland, very cool!

Thanks for the comments on my blog as well!

Stay in touch!

brian adams said...

Thanks Wayde! Love watching your blog! I am calling you today.