Saturday, January 8, 2011

Coney Island Sundays

Ash and I have started a new project that we are lovingly calling Coney Island Sundays. Every Sunday during 2011, Ash and I plan to go to Coney Island to photograph, interview, and write. Above are a few photos from our first Sunday at Coney Island on January 2. A New Year, a new project!

Photos © 2011 Brian Adams


Rubys Host said...

Every sunday @ 1 the real polar bears swim in the Atlantic - club house is @ W10 - behind the Cyclone - - you will see the polar bear banner in the sand where we swim prior to the bears coming out

Jennifer Boomer said...

love these, Brian.

brian adams said...

Thanks Boomer! We are having fun. :)
Ash and I just went to Coney Island yesterday, so hopefully we will have some more photos to post soon!