Friday, December 3, 2010

Five Villages in Four Days - New Gallery

2010 © Brian Adams

In October 2009, I was commissioned to travel to five Alaska Native villages over a four-day period to make photographs of local artists and business owners. From Anchorage, I traveled to Kotzebue and then to Noatak, Kivalina, Noorvik, and Kiana. The job was difficult at times, and it felt a bit jarring; spending less than a day in some of the villages, I had to heighten my sense of seeing to capture both moments and images that conveyed a unique sense of place. Perhaps the most rewarding part of the experience was that I was able to witness the distinct similarities and differences between the villages, from the rough, open sea waters of Kivalina to the quiet river of Noatak, and see why each village chose their location based off of what the land had to offer.

The images from my trip are now available for viewing on my Photoshelter gallery here.


Mark Meyer said...

Fantastic Brian. I just did a short whirlwind village shoot with only two stops and it was tough. I think five would have finished me off — they would have left for dead on the tundra somewhere.

ASMP Christmas party is the weekend; wish you were in Alaska to show us some of your work in person.

brian adams said...

Hey Mark!

Village work is the best right! Tundra is scary though. LOL

I love the ASMP Christmas party! I wish we could be there. Clark throughs a good party. :) Have fun!

Anonymous said...
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