Monday, December 20, 2010

Favorite Tearsheets of 2010

Orion Magazine. Relocating Newtok.
F Zine. Skateboarder Ted Kim
The New York Times Magazine. Sarah Palin.
PDN Photo of The Day. The Eskimo Cookbook.
Inked Magazine. Pro Snowmachiner, Paul Thacker.
Newsweek. Palins Church. Wasilla, Alaska.

Above are a few of my favorite tearsheets from 2010. While I was looking through my archives from the past year and enjoying the memories each photo brought to mind, I realized that many of them would not have been possible without the wonderful clients with whom Ash and I have been blessed to work. In addition to our many supportive friends and family, I would like to say thanks to a few wonderfully talented photo editors who helped us out this year with assignments and resales throughout the year: Mimi Brown of Contour Photos, Alison Meyer of Getty Images, Jamie Penny of Getty Images, Michelle Molloy of Newsweek, Amber Terranova of PDN, and Jason Houston of Orion Magazine. Thanks, everyone! You are all in our hearts and minds this holiday season.

All Photos 2010 © Brian Adams

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