Friday, September 17, 2010

Park Slope Tornado Text by Ash Adams

Since we've moved to New York, we've seen very little rain--it has only rained once, in fact, since we've been here. So yesterday, when a violent storm and tornado swept into the city, we were surprised and unprepared to say the least. Brian was on his way to meet me at 6:00 in Soho where I've recently started working at The Knot, and, although he ducked into a pharmacy to buy an umbrella, he was completely soaked when I met him in the street.

When we arrived safely to our home in Park Slope, where the streets were littered with felled trees, broken sidewalks, and thrashed vehicles, we were thankful for much, but specifically that at least we didn't have a car--and especially a broken one!--to come home to.

More on the storm and clean-up efforts in the Wall Street Journal.

After a crazy, hectic week that ended in a storm and a morning of mellow work, Brian and I spent today enjoying our city and each other. We haven't lived in Brooklyn long, but we already have our routines and special places: we enjoy espressos from Cafe Grumpy, we pick up bagels from La Bagel Delight, and we take long walks in Prospect Park, especially at sunset.

Photos © 2010 Brian Adams
Photo of Brian's silhouette © 2010 Ash Adams

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