Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Alaskan wedding, a New York apartment by Ash Adams

Photos © 2010 Brian Adams

Although we have no photos of the ceremony or reception yet, last week Brian and I were married, in a rose garden with yellow tulips surrounded by friends and family. It was an amazing day, and one that marks the official--legal--beginning to our life as a unit together.

One week after the wedding, we embarked on our first adventure as a married couple: we moved to New York City, where I have already begun my graduate studies in poetry at The New School.

After arriving in the big city after twelve hours of travel with our cat, Pearl, and two days of staying in a hotel while we waited to move into our Park Slope apartment, we are now in our new space, celebrating several successful weeks of big things and all the big things to come.

In one of my literature seminars this week, we discussed Gertrude Stein's innovative work and genius, and one of the things she said was, "If something has been done, why do it?" I like to think that this is how Brian and I always like to live our lives: gulping up the motion, love, and joy of it like there's no tomorrow.

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