Friday, August 6, 2010

A week in review: Spectacular People, Beautiful Places. Text by Ash Skabar

Photos © 2010 Brian Adams
Brian and I have been, in a word, busy, both with work and preparations for our wedding, but we never turn down the opportunity to spend time with spectacular people.

Our week started with dinner and drinks with renowned photographer Keith Carter, a person Brian has admired since he was a teen. Keith was in Anchorage to teach a photography workshop the week before and judge the Rarefied Light photography contest, in which Brian's photograph received one of seven honorable mentions. Before he left, he met with a group of artists and photographers, including the wonderful Beth Skabar, Loren Holmes and, of course, us. We talked into the evening about everything from poetry to photography, and Keith honored us by signing our copy of Ezekiel's Horse, a collection of breathtaking medium format photographs of horses.

Later in the week, Brian and I visited our dear friends Tonia and Justin at a property they recently purchased together in Willow, AK. The place is a large lakeside expanse of land with several buildings, including a former home for delinquent teenage boys, and is currently in need of many renovations and repair. Tonia and Justin were bold enough to see the potential in the land and structures, one of which was Tonia's childhood home. We're so glad they did--spending the night by the lake and two of the prettiest days of summer in tall grass was a gift.


Andy Gregor said...

I love the pictures, the first one is brilliant.

avs said...

Great portrait of Keith! He is teaching in Maine next week and I can't wait to see his slideshow. I'm a big fan as well!

brian adams said...

Thats awesome AVS! Lucky, I didn't get to go to his lecture while he was here. But I heard it was amazing. My friend said she almost cried.