Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Prune Restaurant

This month has been amazing, particularly last week. On Sunday, June 6th I proposed to Ash. She said yes. We are planning on getting married August 21, 2010, and we are so excited! The amount of support from our family and friends has been amazing. We can't thank everyone enough for their support and willingness to help out in the arrangements. Above are a few photos from our week in NY. You can also view more here.

While in NY, Ash and I were able to meet up with Newsweek's photo editor Michelle Molloy. As soon as we walked into Newsweek's offices, we could feel the excitement of the newsroom. It was wonderful to see Michelle again and introduce her to my fiance, and it was perfect timing: Michelle was in need of photos of a church in Wasilla, AK that Sarah Palin attends. After a little digging, we found the photos and the result is above. Then, after getting some work done, we all went out to a great little Italian restaurant, Ino, and celebrated our engagement, the industry we all love, and good food. A deep thanks goes out to Michelle and the Newsweek team for taking the time to meet with us and make our trip even more memorable.

All photos 2010 © Brian Adams
Also while in NY, I got a call from my good friend Mark Thompson. While he was on his way to Portland, OR, he opened up the new Thrasher skateboard magazine and saw my photo above of Will Ingram doing a nose-slide in Anchorage, AK.

Ash and I couldn't have had such an amazing trip without the help from so many people. To name a few: Roland Adams, Mom, Pops, Emily and Zach, Ed Pilkington and family, Michelle Molloy, and the wonderful staff at Prune Restaurant.

These are amazing times! There's a lot more news to come, but all in good time. Thanks for all the patience in my lack of blogging.

Best. B

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