Friday, May 7, 2010


Tonia & justin

2010 © brian adams

Last night, Ash and I hosted a BBQ for our beloved Kaladi Brothers Coffee crew (City Market location). Above are a couple of photos from the night. Tonia and Justin came over for a quick reindeer dog, then ran off to the Ra Ra Riot show at Moose's Tooth pub. Film will be coming from the shoot in the next couple of days.
The day before the BBQ, Ash and I were at Indian Valley Meats where they were nice enough to give us two boxes of reindeer bones. Ash and I have been wanting to make roasted bone marrow out of reindeer ever since we went to Prune in NY, where we were first introduced to the dish. Ash popped the bones in the oven at 450F for fifteen minutes until they were golden brown and bubbly, then served them with a simple parsley salad, crusty bread and Hawaiian sea salt. They came out amazing!

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