Saturday, April 17, 2010

tim easton

2010 © brian adams

2010 © ashley skabar

Today, Ashley and I had the pleasure of photographing and interviewing independent musician Tim Easton. Tim is on tour passing through Anchorage as he works his way down to Bellingham, WA.

I was introduced to Tim a year ago though my good friend, Evan Phillips. Along with Leroy Stagger, Easton and Phillips form a trio band named Easton Stagger Phillips, and their album, ESP, is among my favorites.

Tim played a show on Friday and Saturday at the Taproot Cafe in Anchorage. During Friday's show, a calming feeling came over me as I realized that summer is on its way. Shows equal summer, and I look forward to many of them.

You can listen to Tim Easton here.
Easton Stagger Phillips here.

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Meghan said...

Very cool. I haven't made it to any of Tim Easton's shows, but one of my very best friends used to record with him in LA so whenever I hear he's up here I mean to go. Small world.