Wednesday, July 1, 2009

palin for runners world magazine.

palin for runners world.
a couple of my favs from the shoot.

About a month ago, I photographed Sarah Palin for Runners World Magazine. RW posted the interview on their website a few days ago. It has been fun watching them hit every major news website and blog soon after--msnbc, abc news, just to name a couple. I didn't think they would stir up that much press, but after Palin said in the interview that she could beat Obama in a race, things got a little crazy.

The shoot was fun. This was my second time having a portrait session with the Governor, and both times she was a pleasure to photograph. The first time I photographed her was in Juneau, AK. I wasn't able to bring an assistant along, which made it a little more difficult because I had to control the light and reload all of my own film. But she was very patient with me, which made it less stressful. This shoot for Runners World was wonderful. The shoot was in Wasilla, AK so I was able to bring Michael franklin along as my assistant.
mf standing in for palin
Michael standing in for Sarah.
mf standing in for palin
The best part was that before the shoot Todd Palin had called me asking me how long it would take to photograph her, and although I said I would be happy with 45 minute, they ended up giving me three hours. It was very nice of them, especially considering that they were headed off to NY that night.

link to the RW interview.,7120,s6-243-410--13221-0,00.html


R said...

Is this one of the pictures you took?

brian adams said...

yup. that was one of the last ones we did. Taken in her house. they wanted a officey feel.