Saturday, July 11, 2009

its a cover

palin shoot
photo. marian call

Everyone that knows me well, knows I like to stay up late and sleep in. On Tuesday morning at 9am I started getting phone calls from Time. I assumed they were still interested in using the photos of Palin I took a month ago for Runners World. The embargo is still on the photos so I didn't want to get up just to tell them "I can't do anything about it". So I kept sleeping. A few minutes later I got a text from my rep Kelly at Rapport saying "wake up. have time mag shoot 4 u in 3 hrs!". That got me up and scrambling. I called Time right away and they said "we need you to be out at Palins home in three hours, can you do it?" There was no saying no, it's Time! So I called my other client and asked if they wouldn't mind if I rescheduled for the next day. They understood. I started calling around looking for an assistant, couldn't get ahold of any of my usuals so I called Marian Call down the street. She was down so we packed up and bolted. We were just about to leave town when the editor called and told us Sarah wouldn't be home until 2:30pm. So Marian and I headed back to my place to regroup. We arrived at the Palins home at 2:30pm. We scouted out where we wanted to shoot and did some light tests. After finding our locations and doing our light tests, one of Sarah's people tells us she wouldn't be home until 6pm. So we waited.
Sarah arrived at 5:45pm, we started shooting at 6:00pm and we were done by 6:30pm. She was as pleasant as always but I could tell she was a little tired from the day.
After the shoot Marian and I headed straight back to Anchorage to get some food and a brew. After dinner I started editing the photos. Editing the photos was fairly easy and fast considering there wasn't that many. What took a long time was FTPing the photos out to both Time and Rapport. I was up until about 4:30am making sure they were all making it out.
At 6:30-7:00 am'ish I received a call from Time's editor telling me "your going to be excited Brian." "It's a cover".


eyebex said...

awesome gig, good shots

Jon Harrigans photogblog said...

man thats such an awesome story about it, totally rockin. great work, was were any of the published photos "hassefied" shots? read a bit of the article today in barnes n noble, the pictures are awesome. :O

Nathaniel said...

Thanks for sharing the story behind it...always fun to hear. And WELL DONE on the cover...
that's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Robarazzi said...

great news.