Sunday, June 21, 2009

seattle-alcan with marian call

marian call project #1
2007. marian outside of where we first met.

Yesterday, I flew into Seattle to start a one week drive up the Alcan with Marian Call. Marian is moving back up too Alaska for the next ten months. Our plan is to leave on Monday the 22 and be home by the 28th. On the way we are planning on hanging a hard right to check out Banff and Edmonton, Canada for Marian's future gigs.

I brought my hasselblad 501cm+80mm lens, leica m6+50mm and the rollei 35 with flash. I am so excited to shoot only film for the next week! Wish us luck! and I hope none of the film got ruined from the xray's at the airport. There will be a glaziers stop in Seattle for sure before we hit the road.


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