Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Bad News...and Good News

Hey everyone.
i returned to Alaska this last Friday.

I just need to say it: The surgery did not correct my groin injury. They scoped my hip on wednesday, may 13 and found i did not have a torn labrum like they suspected. In fact, aside from a bit of inflammation, my hip looked overall healthy.

The bad news is that I had to wait 4 months and spend thousands of dollars to find out this news. Also, i'm still left with a painful, debilitating, and as of yet, undiagnosed groin injury. Additionally, I"m close to broke.

The good news is that i'm alive, and my attitude is positive. Also, now that we know my hip is healthy, this will hopefully help me and my doctors get the problem narrowed down. Also, the other GREAT NEWS is that my friends made a benefit record of my songs that will be released sometime in June. The album is called 'Coming Home: The Songs of Evan Phillips.

In the next week or so i'll have more info on how you can get a record. If you are interested in helping, the best thing to do is start telling your friends, and anyone who might be interested in the album. All the money is going to go into helping me try and figure out what the hell is going on with my body, and try and get it fixed.

the link to the album page is:

I"m sorry i don't have better news. All i can do is have a positive attitude, and not give up. I believe i'm going to get this figured out but it's not going to happen over night, and it might get harder before it gets easier.

I realllllly appreciate everyones support, and I really appreciate you all being in my life. Music is a powerful thing and all i want to do is make music and share it with the world.

Thanks and be well,


p.s. for whipsaws fans: just stay tuned about potential dates starting in July. the goal is that i will be playing. i can't make promises about how i'll be doing. all i can say is that i'm doing everything in my power to be able to be in a position to start playing shows...other than that, my band is amazing, they are my family, and they are doing their best to get through this with me. Thats it!

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Jenny and Evan said...

c'mon man do all the Evans of the world a favor and spell his name right!

Righteous photos by the way, keep up the fantastic work!