Monday, May 11, 2009

evan phillips

evan phillips
evan phillips

My good buddy Evan Phillips just left for Nashville to get arthroscopic hip surgery for an injury he suffered from years ago. The day he left we were able to grab a cup of coffee and try out a rolleicord camera I am borrowing {the results above}. We all wish him luck and a speedy recovery.
I have felt very privileged & humbled to be able to document a very pivotal and emotional time in someone's life. But! I can't wait for Evan to get all better so we can get some photos of Evan rocking out again!
A benefit album is being made for Evan to help pay for medical bills. The cd will feature such artist as Aaron Lee Tasjan, Tim Easton, Matt Hopper, Spiff Chambers, T. Nile, Ryebender, Wrinkle Neck Mules, Marty Jones, Leeroy Stagger.
They are shooting to have the cd done by May. I will be sure to post more info on it when the time comes. Sweet!

more info on the cd

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