Sunday, February 1, 2009


sarah on left.

I have spoken to a few classes and taught at a couple workshops but I always wondered if any of the students ever got anything out of it. Sarah Boisen was one of the students that attended the Photographic workshop I taught at the Big Easy Snowboard Camp. In the letter below I was very pleased to hear that she is still pursuing photography! I know she will do well and I can't wait to see her work in the future.

hey brian! i know its been forever, but i was looking through big easy photos the other day and it reminded me of you! you'll be excited to hear that i've declared a photography major here in seattle! im working on an internship with a snowboard/skateboard team here which is EXACTLY what i want to pursue with photography. the big easy really got me into it, and i wanted to thank you for putting up with me knowing absolutely NOTHING about photography and showing me how awesome it is to have a camera in my hands at all times :)

hope all is going great in alaska!
-sarah boisen

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