Wednesday, December 3, 2008

on the road with the whipsaws.


Today I am leaving for five days with the Whipsaws. We are driving up to Fairbanks, AK for three shows and hopefully many photo ops.
Yesterday I picked up all my favorite film and a couple new rolls I have never tried before. The Kodak 800 35mm. I will try and keep up on the blog while I am gone! Sweet, take care and wish me luck.


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Dani said...

Here is a link to a fun place in the Phoenix area that might make for a great photo op. I always thought a silouette of a person in the hole of the rock would make for an awesome picture but have never been there with the right lighting.

I was at your Tucson show tonight. It was a great performance. Thanks for the beautiful music.
(My husband was the one who told you the story about '81).

Enjoy the rest of your time Az.