Thursday, November 20, 2008

a week of film.

Wayde Carroll was kind enough to come on the Nerland shoots and help us out.
During one of our shoots at the Boys And Girls Club, the art director Leah painted me.
alaska dance theater
We started the project off at the Alaska Dance Theater.

I was so happy this week to have been asked by two of my clients to shoot our assignments with film. The first shoot was for three days with the Nerland Agency. Robert, Leah and myself went all over Anchorage photographing for the Foraker Group. The commercial we were shooting for should be coming out shortly. Then over the weekend I photographed Alaska's amazing band the Whipsaws, which was another film request. yay. I should have some photos from the Whipsaws coming up soon.

My apologies for slacking on the posting lately. Its been a crazy couple weeks and I am finally all caught up. :)


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