Thursday, June 12, 2008

revisiting my past

I have always had a love for video. In 2006 or 05 I started making this short video on my Alaska homeless project. This is as far as I got. I soon after stopped photographing the homeless because I couldn't figure out why I was photographing them. I made a lot of good friends during the project that I still speak to today.

This summer I want to start filming more and try putting together a video photo essay section on my site.
Our old g4 has been sitting in my room for the last couple years unplugged. I also thought it didn't have final cut pro on it any more. For the last year I have been saying "as soon as I can get final cut again I will make that g4 my video editing machine." But it already had it on there. LOL. So I am very excited to get back to editing!

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